August 8, 2011


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January 30, 2011

Are You Ready to Be the Healthiest You?

Come  join in the 30 Day Health Challenge I've been doing on my other Blog, Health & Swellbeing. Every day in January, I've done a Video post on what I have found to be the Healthiest Habits a girl can do....
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August 30, 2010

Last Post

It's now shiny, new dot com is up & running!
I promise healthy doses of inspiration, vegan recipes, vlogs & workouts. And if you're real lucky, I'll make you up a batch of the black bean brownies my husband hates to love.

August 2, 2010

Birthdays & Boardgames

Last night my family came over for dinner & we celebrated my Gramma's 92nd birthday as well as my brother's 28th. He just flew in from Colorado yesterday and I'm pretty sure this week will be filled with a little more of this silliness:
Let's try that picture again without the knife mmmmkay?
After a delish meal, we started up the first of many coffee pots to go with the bday cake. I just love this picture of my brother & Gramma getting ready to maket their wishes. Although Gramma will never admit it...Shawn was always a little bit of a favourite of hers and to this day she will drop everything to make him her special scrambled eggs when he asks.
And then the board games broke out and well because that is just what we do around here.

My brother will be popping in for visits much of this week so I've been workin a little magic in my Veggie kitchen. Here's what we've been digging into this week:

M~ Rock n Roll Veggie Sushi & more gamenight
F~ Pizza for the boys, monthly Gourmet Club with the ladies pour moi

Hope you're having a great weekend so far....please come by & visit me on my new blog Health & Swellbeing where I'll be regularly posting from as of next week!

July 16, 2010

Weekly Eats & Home Gyms

It's really overcast this morning & a storm seems to be brewing, but these are the kind of mornings reserved for a big mug of coffee, morning oats & a little free time to plan out the week.
Mr Swell has just taken Chloe out for a little daddy/daughter morning and I'm just about to get to work in the kitchen. Here she is all ready to take on the day and I just don't have the heart to tell her that she won't be needing those sunglasses today!

I love planning out our meals for the week and thinking about who's stopping by for a visit and what the perfect food would be to go with that. All the good stuff in life revolves around food doesn't it?
This week's a busy one with lots of friends & family coming over and we're also getting started on putting a gym in our basement. Our basement is completely finished and most of it is home to our movie theater that we put in when we first bought the house (an awesome wedding gift from my in laws). I also have a small space down there/woman cave where lots of magical creations take place.....or better known as the home of a million projects that get started and never get finished :)

The gym is going to go into an area that basically houses our workout equipment already & a bar area. Here's a few pics of what it looks like right now:
This week will be all about organizing, optimizing space & hauling to goodwill. I've been spending quite a bit of time sourcing out prices for the equipment we need - which is basically a treadmill, smith machine/squatting rack, dumbbell rack & some kettle balls. We already have a great spin bike, step mill, balls, & cables etc. I'll do a proper before & after post once it's complete.

So here's our menu for this week - a lot of clean eating recipes that I'd love for you to try out!

Th ~ Tofu Parm & Cappelini. Caramel Popcorn (Girls Movie Night w/ my sister)
F ~ Veggie Dogs & Roasted Potatoes
Sat ~ Pizza
Sun ~ Veggie Nachos in the theater
** all of these recipes and more can be found in my Plan to Eat database. You can also check out Org Junkie where lots of other bloggers post their meal plans for the week every Monday.

Question: Can you recommend any great sites for gym equipment at lower costs? Have you seen any great pictures of home gyms people have posted?

Have a great week everyone and please take a second to follow the new blog, Health & Swell Being, which I'll be switching over to in a few weeks!

July 4, 2010

Oh Sunday....

Can you even imagine that face greeting you at the door all the time! Seriously...too blessed over here!

That little girl & I spent the day doing lots of baking and cleaning, with a little stroller run this afternoon. It was so hot today but not the typical humid stuff. After the perfect afternoon that was had with a few of my girls yesterday, I decided today would be dedicated to baking and all things 101 Cookbooks. Sandra made this amazing Chocolate Rosemary Bread and I couldn't stop thinking about it or all the good catch-up time that we had while digging our forks into it. So in between baking, I uploaded a billion new recipes into my Plan to Eat site....check them out if you have a moment. I find Sunday to be the perfect day to prep the week and it makes Monday just a little more tolerable. I also love the mutlitaskedness (word?) that goes on a little something like this:
- Wake up at 530am to a beautiful serenade from the nursery.
- Soak nuts, chickpeas & black beans for this week's recipes
- Make a big pot of quinoa or brown rice
- Make monster Salad and cut up veggies for snacks or juicing
- Bake something healthy but delish
- Do not let the washer or dryer ever come to a stop
- Bask in the sight of your beautiful daughter throwing her lunch across the room and the jar of tomato sauce that you just dropped on your foot which somehow splattered from your kitchen to your white leather couch.
- Find yourself screaming at a slightly higher tone than your beautiful daughter because you want to remind her that you gave life to her....and then find her dismissing your scream by smiling & waving at you.
- Look at the clock & realize that it's only 9am.
- Look at the clock the next time & realize that it's 9pm and cross your fingers that somebody doesn't ask you what you did today because it's all a little foggy now.
I'm just thankful that this was one of those precious days that started out without anything on the agenda...

Okay...back to meal planning:
Here's a few of the recipes on our Veggie menu this week:

And lastly, a quick reminder that I will soon be taking this blog to a private setting but will be posting regularly on my new one Health & Swellbeing....I'd love for you to hop over & join me there!

June 20, 2010

On day 365

It was magical.
A day made for a beautiful little girl in a tutu....
Who graced us with her presence at 12:19 a mere 365 days ago....
Surrounded by the love of her closest family & friends.....
who wrapped their love into pretty pink packages....
and a new larger than life friend...
A year filled with travels....
made for a really exciting cake....
and a little girl who now understands the sugar craze....
But the best part of the day, in her mother's eyes, was the 30 minutes of snuggling that happened at the end of it all. Because this little princess never likes to stay still for too long but knew she knew exactly what her mama needed.

The magic of this day is in knowing that we all were making a memory...and we knew it. Chloe couldn't have been more happy being surrounded by all the love and the day could not have been more perfect.

Kisses to our little sweetie in a tutu!

~~~~~~~~Here are a few of the details of her day~~~~~~~~~

On the Menu:
Grilled Chicken & Tofu Kabobs

I made the top using crystals & jewelry glue from Michaels
Tutu from Baby Bees Boutique (this was her original infant tutu that actually still fit!)

The beautiful cake was made by Chloe's Mimi using icing sheets & fondant. She also baked sugar cookies and applied edible photo sheets of Chloe for all our guests to take away.
I simply created the pictures in photobucket and then she printed them on the icing sheets & voila! We have these available in our Etsy Shop if you have an event coming up that you'd like add a little fun to!