February 27, 2009

Flu like symptoms

So - I woke up at about 2am last night with annoying aches in my back & tummy. And then the vomiting began about an hour later. I just called my doctor and I have an appt for 4pm today. I'm worried because I haven't eaten all day and can't keep water down....not good.
My fever is starting to climb too so it's obvious I have the flu.
I'll keep you posted.


ohnoitskristin said...

Oh no... I got really sick on NYE and wound up in ER on an IV. They found out I had a UTI that was turning into a kidney infection and my temp skyrocketed to 103! After getting on 3 different antibiotics and a giant shot in the butt- I was MUCH better!

GOOD LUCK! Don't worry too much!

elin said...

I hope it's just the flu and baby is ok! I had good luck with my glucose test this week so I'll send the healthy vibes your way!