April 26, 2009

60 Days to Go

My little time ticker tells me that I have 60 days before our little princess arrives - totally unreal! In some ways, I feel like I've been pregnant my whole life, but it really is coming very fast! I think that because I have experienced every phase of pregnancy by the book - it makes it feel long.

Have not been sleeping at all lately - lots of trips to the bathroom & back pain are keeping me awake. I switched OBs this last week also - I totally love the new doctor and it means I will be able to give birth out of Grimsby Hospital which is known for great care. 

We spent this weekend finishing up random projects around the house with Jim & Tammy. Made a kitchen bench nook so that we'd have more room to squeeze in a highchair, and moved my big glass office desk into the kitchen to use as a table. I now have a very small home office as I wind down things with work.

See you in 60 days little Chloe....

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