May 30, 2009

20 questions...

I found this questionnaire that was intended to be filled out on a more regular basis, but oh well!
  • How far along?: 36 weeks
  • Total weight gain: 24 pounds. I will probably hit about 28 pounds total.
  • How big is baby?: A little over 5 pounds
  • Maternity clothes?: Sort of....I have lived in jersey roll down yoga style pants. Tops are a little trickier but I love wearing Bella bands to extend my tshirt.
  • Stretch marks?: Just on the girls!
  • Sleep?: Not very good. I get up 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom and I'm really tired of sleeping on my side. Pillows aren't helping anymore.
  • Best moment this week?: Chloe moving like crazy when I took Jeppy to see a movie....she really responds to sounds.
  • Movement?: Tons. Lots of kicking, but also lots of stretching & shaking around. My whole belly shakes from side to side when she moves now & it still doesn't get old watching it. Oh...and many hiccups!
  • Food cravings?: Anything citrus. I have also been loving the smell of cleaning chemicals... not sure what that's all about.
  • Labor signs?: I get 2-3 Braxton Hicks contractions a day. They aren't painful... just pretty uncomfortable for a minute.
  • Belly button in or out?: It's officially out!
  • What I miss: Sleeping on my back & my stomach, going for runs, being able to wrap a towel around my body & not feeling like I just ran 2 miles after climbing a flight of stairs!
  • What I'm looking forward to: Finally meeting our little girl in less than 4 weeks!
  • Milestone: Registered at the hospital (have the card and all!), finally finished off the nursery paint touchups & steam cleaned all the carpets (I know - I'm pushing it!)

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Jen said...

Great blog Ange... you look beautiful! Can't wait to see pictures of little Chloe in 3 weeks!