May 18, 2009

40 days!!

Dear Baby Girl,

While we patiently await your arrival in 40 days (or hopefully less), I want to share with you some of your funny habits:
  • every morning you have a dance recital in my tummy while I'm having breakfast. 
  • Breakfast is typically my biggest meal of the day because by dinner time you make it pretty clear that you have no room to play.
  • You get the hiccups at least 5 times a day. Although I'm sure they sound very cute & are not as earth           shattering as they feel....they do cause me to want to stand on my head and drink water to make them stop.
  • Everytime you kick me in my right rib, you push down on me with your left hand. 
  • Whenever I'm driving, I turn the music up, because you dance around to the beat.
  •  I get up with you at 2am & 4am every night. I'm thinking this will probably be our regular routine once you arrive...can't wait to do it in person!
I can't believe how fast time is going now. We just installed your car seat into the truck and I almost cry every time I look at it. Your room is ready to go - you are already dressed better than all of us combined! We go on a tour of the hospital tomorrow night to see what kind of environment you are being born into. What would you like on your Itunes playlist in the hospital room? 

Love Mom.

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Noah's Mommy said... have made me miss those days....I start to forget those little things...hold on to goes way too fast...