August 4, 2009

I love this girl!

Today was a big day...Chloe decided the time was right to give me her first SMILE!! This is the moment all new moms live for...although it did take a bit of persuasion, she finally cracked!

My beautiful girl - minutes before smiling:

Step 1: tickle, tickle

Step 2: tell funny jokes

Step 3: Make silly faces & tickle

Step 4: Talk in silly voice & laugh at myself

And there it is!!! She has melted my heart!

One more for the road....


kace said...

awww so sweet! i love those lil smiles... they make everything better!

Lyr said...

I stumbled across your blog… through a new friend and just wanted to say HI! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!!

kace said...

I tagged ya... check it out;)