October 22, 2009

4 months already!

Weight: 14lbs 14 oz
Diapers: size 2
Clothes: 6-9 months

My sweet baby girl, you are growing too quickly & I'm not happy about it. But, I do love having a front row seat in your life & watching all the changes & new things you learn every day! You are the best gift in the world and although it chokes me up to know that time will continue to fly by, I am excited for everything to come.

After I compete your monthly update, I always wonder if I'll have anything to write about the next month. As you do different things, I run to my notepad to record them down!
Here's what you have shared with us this month:
- You discovered your thumb this month! This has been so sweet to watch and you're getting better each day at getting it straight to your mouth. You sort of sweep your hand to the side of your face and then slide your thumb into your mouth.
- Your sleep is still going great! You go to bed around 8pm every night and a couple times a week you will only wake up once around 3am for a feeding. The other nights you get up again around 530am. I'm trying to feed you as much as I can throughout the day so that you sleep better at night. - Since you love sucking your thumb now, we have stopped swaddling your arms at night. This has been great because you will often soothe yourself back to sleep in the middle of the night!
- Feeding you has become a bit of a challenge since you're so curious about the world around you. You will often pull off every couple of seconds to take a look around and then come back on. You love to play with my hands while I feed you and you kick your legs around like crazy. I've also started to feed you both sides which means you're taking in around 5-6oz per feeding now (which is about every 3 hrs)
- You are growing so quickly. I am already putting you in 6-9 mo clothing. Look at all the clothes that you have already outgrown:
- You are the happiest when you wake up from your sleep. You always give us this huge smile & it just warms my heart.
- We did our last yoga class together this month. I loved doing this every week with you...and you were such a good girl at every class. You would smile at me every time I would look at you from a pose. Your fave pose was superbaby! Here we are with Kelly, Emily & Lucy.
- You are already such a fun little girl. When I make goofy faces at you, you try to imitate them!
I can tell that you are going to have quite the personality! You love playing peek a boo and you actually played it on me a few weeks ago. It was so cute that I had to video tape it!
- Your cries have gotten a little louder and I think you have already discovered that you can stay up a little past your bedtime if you cry a certain way! It's pretty funny actually - you make this screaming cry and then I run into your room to find you staring up at me with a smile. Your dad would keep you up all night if he had it his way...
- your teething comes & goes; we have found that the teething tablets are the best way to help you through this. You are fascinated with your mouth & pull everything in sight towards it! And you of course LOVE Sophie the giraffe. I questioned this $25 purchase 6 months ago, but now I totally get it! I just hope Sophie survives another month!

- You are such a strong little girl and I am so amazed every day!


Blair said...

she's precious!

Mitzi G.!! said...

She has had quite a month & she is so adorable!!

Paige said...

happy 4 months!!

Jen said...

I've heard that Sophie is a good purchase... like you, $25 is scary to me, but I may bite the big one on it already... :p Great pics!