November 2, 2009


Well little had a very nice first Halloween! When I was feeding you earlier tonight I was thinking about how this will be the only Halloween that you will won't be outside with other kids hunting down all the candy in the neighbourhood. Just year at this time you will be walking from door to door.

This afternoon we went over to Bobby & Peggy Orr's house here in Florida so they could meet you. They're about to have a granddaughter of their own soon so you helped get them even more excited for that!

Then we came back and you just hung out at the condo in your oh so cute pumpkin attire! Here you are waking up your are definitely the best alarm clock!

We're having a great time in Florida with you so far. The days are long & warm & sunny. The weather here has been so good for you. We go for several walks throughout the day and the warm air always calms you down.

I can't believe you're going to be 5 months old in a few weeks! Every morning when you wake up I just stare at you & can see how you've grown overnight. You are such a strong little one & are holding your head up like a champ these days. And I just love squishing your arms & legs now that you''re wearing little summer outfits once again. I love being here in Florida with you little monkey!


Jacci said...

sooo precious!!

Jen said...

The Halloween pics are so cute!