November 22, 2009

Chloe's 5 Months old!

Weigth: TBD
Diapers: Size 2 swaddlers
Clothes: 6-9 mo

This has been such a crazy month with lots of changes! I'm late posting this update because I've been so exhausted this last week as Chloe has been consistently getting up around 2am every night and kicks around until the sun comes up. She is so strong and will lift her legs up and then wham them down on the mattress. I hope this is a short phase!
Here is what our little monkey has picked up this month:

As I said, sleep has not been going so well the last little bit. Since the time change, you have been going to bed around 7pm and getting up at 630am. You were only getting up for 1 feeding around 2am until about 2 weeks ago. I think you're going through a growth spurt right now as you're getting up 3x/night and taking full feedings each time. Your nap times are only about 2o minutes long now because you obviously don't won't to miss a single thing!

I feed you every 2.5-3hrs and you are taking both sides most times. This is my favourite time with you as it's the only time you will sit still in my arms! As I'm feeding you, you sweetly stroke my arm or my face and love to hold hands! It's the sweetest thing ever! Your legs, of course, are in constant motion while I feed you, because why take a break from that? You are very easily distracted though - the slightest noise causes you to break off and take a look ... Nosy Nelly.

You are such a strong girl and grab everything in sight now! The other day, Papa picked you up and you brought the play mat up with you! Everything is going in your mouth and so I've been nicknamed Howard Hughes as I run around you sanitizing everything! You started grabbing your feet a few weeks ago and shortly after that started rolling over. Now you do it everytime I lay you down on your back. It's funny though because you don't really like staying on your tummy but you always roll over to it! You've started to raise your little bum in the air and I know that you'll be crawling in no time! It is so amazing how instinctual everything comes. Your routine through the day is to eat-sleep-play and that works in 3hr cycles. You really are such a playful little girl and I can already see your personality shining through. I catch you staring at me through the day and when I look at you, you always give me huge smile! We've heard a few good laughs from you but you don't like to give them out easily. I think you get that from me - it takes alot to get a big laugh from me and it frustrates your daddy all the time!
The greatest thing about this month is that we've been able to spend it together in Florida! We go for several walks a day and I've just started running with you - which you love! We're heading home soon though so I need you to start sleeping better so we can enjoy as much of the daytime as possible!
Here's a few pictures from this month:

Silly time on our tummies:

The inevitable bath shots we'll show on your wedding day:
You and your favourite man on earth:
A la la la la bumbo:
Look at those cheeks!
Yumm...everything tastes so good!

Love you my little sweetheart...


Colleen said...

Ange - I love reading your posts, you are quite the entertaining writer, and these will be a treasure in the days & years to come...

kace said...

she is adorable and you are gorgeous! i sooo want my hair the color of yours... no one seems to be able to quite get it right though!

lena said...

My girl does the same thing with her legs, especially during diaper changes. Up and then slams them down. Chloe is getting so big, she's so cute!