December 1, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Welcome December.
I can't believe you're already here but I have to say that I'm pretty, pretty excited.

Mr Swell & I often talk about how everything in life seems to be exaggerated with emotion now that Chloe is in our lives. Like when we went to see Blind Side (great movie btw) the other night...the story of Michael Oher was so touching and I couldn't stop thinking about Chloe. Or when I see a cute little puppy - I see Chloe in the puppy's eyes. Sounds strange I'm sure - but since having her, I feel things on a different level.

Christmas being my favourite time of year, I cannot contain my excitement as I think about what traditions we will forge as a new little family. After doing a bit searching, here is the list of ideas that I liked.

Dec 1st:
- Take Chloe to pick out tree; decorate while listening to Cmas music
- Have "picnic" candlelight supper in front of the tree
- Watch 1st Cmas movie: Home Alone, Cmas Vacay or Cmas Story...
- Start the advent calendar
Christmas Eve:
- Bake Cookies for Santa in the morning with Chloe
- Dinner with all the family at our house
- Attend evening church service
- Open up new pajamas
- Steam apple cider & light candles in memory of loved ones.
- Read Chloe a new book before bedtime
- Fill stockings & put out cookies
Christmas Day:
- Make special breakfast
- Open our family presents
- Dinner, presents & games with family
Throughout the month:
- make gingerbread houses
- Head to Niagara Falls to look at the lights with thermos of Hot Choc in hand
- Adopt a family to buy gifts for

I know this is very "listy" of me and I'm sure it just makes Mr Swell's skin crawl that I've just organized how I want it all to go...but the intention of this is to just put it out there and hope that we can incorporate most of these into our Decembers going forward. Love you babe :)
What are your traditions?


Heather said...

I love that picture!! So good. I don't know that we have many traditions, we do a ton of stuff back in Nashville when we go home. I love what you guys do! Fun times!

The Wilson's said...

Love your post! A Christmas tradition that my mom started when I was little that I plan on doing as well is opening our Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve and reading Polar Express - The first gift of Christmas:)

Leah said...

i love your list of traditions you would like to cute! i might steal a few of your ideas. ;-) you have a beautiful family!