December 31, 2009

Can I have your Intention please

I've been thinking about this post all week.
I am a person who best functions with lists and goals and accountability. I schedule workouts in my weekly calendar, use 3 different methods of calendaring to organize my life & get giddy about writing out my to do's for the day over a big mug of coffee. Perhaps it's the hope & promise that I think will come of a day & life well planned.
I've always felt this enormous pressure to live a life of purpose & intention. Even as a young girl, I would think about things on this level.
2009 really bubbled these thoughts to the surface for me. I became a mother. I now don't think of leading my life in such a way, as a nice thing to do, but as a responsibility. I know deep down that the reason I overplan, as some have suggested, is that I just don't want to miss a moment in life. Hence my obsession with taking pictures along the way! So naturally, I look forward to setting my intention & goals for the upcoming year. I am a Type A achievement junkie all the way, but feel confident about scribbling these down:

- run a 10K (planned for May)
- get into handstand in yoga
- cook clean eating meals 6x/week
- make my own cleaning solutions (more on that later)
- add pilates to my running/yoga/weights routine

- find a church we like
- listen to inspiring podcasts/audiobooks during my runs
- spend last 30 minutes of each day reading a book.
- There are many projects I look forward to doing this year. I think it's important to get the creative juices a flowin and I'll start posting pics of things I'm working on to the blog:
- PAINT large canvas with favourite quotes & words to favourite song.
- KNIT Chloe a baby blanket
- SEW high chair cover (in an awesome vinyl of course)
- CREATE chalkboard for the kitchen out of funky Ikea frame
- EMBELLISH a dresser with silver leaf
- ORGANIZE my recipe book & start posting clean eating recipes to the blog w/pics

So there it is. I'm going to print this and put it in a lovely frame on the fridge. Here's to making every day count in twenty ten, and to the sparkling start of a personal new thirties!


short southern momma said...

good stuff girl! Hope your having a great day! I just added you on twitter too! YAY! xoxo

Summer said...

Okay, seriously??? Can you be any more of a perfect well rounded girl???

You're freaking work cook....AND you're organized???

Jimmy can't know about you, he thinks women like that don't exist.


I am buying a book on Amazon as I type on Organization...I can't get enough of it!

April said...

I am a list-writer, too! If I don't write things down, I forget all about what I need to get done. I never thought about framing my goals ... what a pretty reminder to stick to my resolutions. Happy 2010!!

Elwira said...

what a lovely post, you have beautiful family!