December 8, 2009

Santa Baby

Mr Swell & I thought - what better way to spend our last day in sunny, hot Florida than to dress our darling Chloe up in red velvet Christmas attire and take her to meet Santa for the first time! We had actually attempted to take her the day before (a Sunday) along with 95% of the residents of Palm Beach. Seeing as the wait was well over 2 hrs we thought that first thing Monday would be a better plan. Well - sure enough there was not one person in line and we were scooted right through...literally. Even though there was no one behind us, it was quite the rush job. Nonetheless, Chloe gave a nice little smile after processing who this stranger's lap was that she was sitting in.

Step 1: play with daddy in the presence of Santa
Step 2: the handoff
Step 3: Not so sure about this guy
Step 4: Warming up
Step 5: Big smiles after finding out that this guy gives good gifts!

Speaking of gifts, Chloe managed to ask Santa for the Beaba Baby Food Maker:
"Your Baby Can Read" program: (It must be all that late night TV she's been watching lately)
And just in case he should forget her, she mailed him a friendly reminder:

She was also kind enough to ask for a few things for her mom - talk about expensive taste!
2 aweseome books:

Rachel Rae Stainless Pots/Pans:
Kitchen Aid pink Mixer
Pink Dyson Vaccuum:
Yudu Screen Printing Machine:
Lululemon giftcard:
It's so silly of me to post this wish list on here, because it's not like I send out an email blast to all of my family members every time I create a blog post. *wink*


Meet the Brummett's said...

Cute Santa pic! Hopefully Santa will bring her all that her little heart desires :) Happy Holidays

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Cute pics- Love your new header- I can make a bit bigger looks like your header still off- maybe it's the template- Doesn't look bad just let me know if you want the pic frame a bit bigger to cover the blk line box.

Isn't that Suz Somers book amazing- it has change my outlook on a lot stuff- I suffered from monthly UTI's- which is not fun. Then when I read this book she mention about D- Mannous powder- OMG this stuff works -it's amazing!!

Have a great day!


Mitzi G.!! said...

So cute!!

Meant to be a mom said...

Hah, I hope you get stuff on your wish list. Good idea posting it, Hopefully nobody you know will see it :)
The pics with santa are so cute.

Leah said...

awww...she did so well! and already talking and! ;-)

i hope "she" gets the Baby Cook! i LOVE it! it's easy peasy and doesn't take up much space. love, love, love! i'm sure she has been a good girl and santa will give her the desire of her little heart. ;-) kaydence refuses to eat canned baby food. i'll sometimes get it when we travel, but she doesn't like it. i guess i've spoiled her with the home cooked stuff. ;-) hope you have a nice Christmas.

a little twig birdhouse said...

I have the Beaba food maker from Williams Sonoma, haven't used it yet, a few more months before solids, but I was so excited about it when I first saw it I bought it before the baby was born. When you use it, let me know what you think!

Summer said...

Aweee guys are THE cutest family EVA!!!

And we both have Chloes!!! Don't you just DIE for that name?

Ugh, I love it.

Love her.

And yours....of course!

So glad we found each other!