January 10, 2010

32 degrees. Feels like -132 degrees.

Chloe & I flew back into Florida a few days ago...a bit ahead of our original schedule because there was a big storm blowing in at home and we didn't want to risk getting stuck at the airport. We booked a 3hr direct flight....haven't flown direct in a long time and I'm not certain it's the best way to go with a 6 month old. About 20 minutes into the flight she had a bit of an explosion in her oh-so-cute travel outfit. And of course the woman sitting next to me clearly was never a child once herself.
Anyways...here we are in sunny Florida. The forecast for today is 32 degrees with a hazardous condition warning. Not sure where the best place is to go and buy a snowsuit around here but I'll look around.
So, today sounds like a good day to do this:
  • Bake these yummy protein bars:
  • Knit pink armwarmers
  • watch a few movies & download a few podcasts
  • Go for a run while wearing 100 layers. My nike sensor chip already conked out on me after only a few months so I had to buy another one yesterday. I don't feel like my runs are legit if I don't have this thing tied to my laces

I'm pretty sure the weather is just as miserable in most of your world's too...how are you spending today?


Kathie @ my net finds said...

what an adorable picture!

Kerry said...

she is so cute! hope you're both well!

Meant to be a mom said...

What an absolute cutie. Cooper has a hat like that, I just love those hats on kids. So cute. I hope your weather warms up. Its miserable I know.

Kristin said...

Can't wait for the warm up later in the week!