February 25, 2010

A letter to my 8 month old

Darling Chloe,

I guess it's time for me to stop talking about how much I wish I could slow things down...even just a little bit. Clearly, it is making no difference. Actually, this month your growth has skyrocketed and I am left feeling as though the only thing I can do is smile. You are healthy & vibrant & fun and we just love chasing you around!

Some of the calendar worthy items this month:
Feb 1: top teeth broke through (you now have 5 teeth with a 6th coming!)
Feb 9th: started sleeping through the night *finally*
Feb 12th: got up on all fours
Feb 14th: started inching across the room (video below)

Although it comes & goes, you are more regularly sleeping right through the night...and I'm talking 730pm - 7am. I could not ask for more! I go through many shenanigans to slip out of your nursery when I put you down because you flip right over and stare at the door as I walk out and then you wale. You've caught me several times as I peeked in on you and you were staring right at me through the bars of your crib! You spend the majority of the night cuddled up with your bum in the air.

I am still nursing you 4 times a day (5-6oz each time). Your buffet of solids has expanded & you have now tried: broccoli, peas, sweet tatoes, cauliflower, avocado, apples, bananas, chicken, rice & oats. I want to try you on some veggie protein sources in the next few weeks, such as quinoa & black beans, because your daddy & I love them & think you will too!
Along with food, you continue to put everything in your mouth:

You have certainly figured out your way around this town. You know what you like and what you don't like and there is usually a tantrum like scream that follows the "don't likes." Sometimes, you bark like a puppydog. Sometimes you do this laugh that sounds like "Hey, Hey, Hey"
Sometimes you still say Dada and not Mama. That's okay...he is the guy that takes you swimming and I'm the girl that delivers the milk. You love being in the pool and are doing so well that I will have to dedicate a whole post just to that!
In the afternoons we sometimes go to Grammas for a visit. While there, your uncle Jeffrey tries to show you how to play video games & upload YouTube videos :

But then you kindly remind him that you're still working on trying to figure out where all these rolls came from:

From 5-7pm is your fussiest time of day but the one thing that entertains you for 30 minutes is your collection of Einstein DVDs.

Well, and you'd probably say that you also find it pretty entertaining when I try to take monthly photos of you. But nonetheless.....
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Kate said...

That picture of Chloe checking out her rolls is priceless!

We have to put Annika in front of the Baby Einstein DVDs at that time of day too, just so we can eat in peace. We also take her clothes off around dinnertime. For some reason, she really digs that! Hopefully she grows out of that before she's a teenager! :)

Megan said...

what a lovely letter to your daughter :) she's a little cutie!

Brenda said...

What a lovely letter. I just love her dimples too.

mommywonderland said...

How did I just now discover your cute blog? What a precious post to your adorable lil angel girl! Love it! Im for sure ecstatic to follow you!

lena said...

Getting big! Such a cutie.

Babes about Town said...

This whole post including the gorgeous photos just made me really happy.

Thrilled to have found your blog and will definitely be back.

The Bailey Family said...

How stinkin' cute is she?!?

I have a question, when did you introduce avocado to her and how did you prepare it? I make all of Clint's baby food and loved the idea of buying a ripe avocado and just smashing it up really good and him having it completely fresh. We tried it over the weekend and I think the little stringy things got stuck in his throat because he kept coughing and would NOT eat it anymore. Would love some guidance! :)

Ange said...

I find the magic bullet is truly magical!! I found the same thing with the avocado so I scooped a bit in there and just pulsed it for a few seconds and it came out perfectly creamy!