March 25, 2010

On Cloud 9

My sweet, little lauren hutton:
Nine months!
I feel like you have always been in my life, and maybe in some strange way, you always were. I always dreamt of the day I would hold my baby in my arms and you are everything I dreamt times a thousand.
I can't believe how much growth you go through every 30 days. Every month keeps getting better & better and you continue to show me the miracle of life. You are so curious about your world & I'm so excited for all the things you have yet to explore & learn. The other day I was nursing you and you kept breaking away to listen to the birds chirping outside, and it made me smile to think that you don't even know what a bird is yet. And yet in so many ways you seem wise beyond your you know it all and we're the ones trying to keep up! Here are the special ways you've grown this month:

01 you love to wave your hands & will sometimes wave back...depending on how cute the boy is.
02 you love eating all foods except bananas. they seem to make you throw up a little.
03 you are an army crawling master and rock back & forth on all 4s but can't quite do a full crawl yet.
04 you always find the 1 crumb in the carpet that didn't get vacuumed up.
05 you throw your toys and then go get them. It's like you already know you're an only child.
06 you say dadda & nana. let's throw an "m" in there sometime soon. Mmmmmkay?
07 you have the best smile in the whole wide world.
08 you sleep right through the night (7p-7a), have a nap at 10am and 4pm. My smile is also lookin pretty good.
09 you love to play & I think it's sweet that you act playful around other little people.
10 your strawberry blonde hair is really coming in & Daddy LOVES to comb your hair about 200 times/day.
11 you like other kinds of hair too...but let's not give your Daddy any ideas.
12 you love the the pool, in the tub & in the big water jug that bubbles in the kitchen.
13 you have 6 teeth & look like you're starting kindergarten tomorrow
14 you are working on picking up pieces of food & getting them into your mouth. When you miss your mouth you get very frustrated & slap your hands on your tray table. I'm trying not to read into this tantrum like behaviour.
15 You love discovering your world & shuffle your little self all over the house

16 Several times a day, I look down at you to find you just staring my way and it completely melts my heart. You give me the sweetest look and in that moment I am reminded that I am living the life I had always imagined. You are incredible & loved beyond words.


Brenda said...

SO sweet and I know that look you are talking about. Oh and my 16 month old still wont say mama. SHe manages to say dog, and even thank you.

colleen said...

You are creating this wonderful written legacy for Chloe, one that she will treasure forever. I am quite sure that you are an inspiration to others, to find the positive moments of motherhood. Thanks for the effort of keeping us all informed of your 'charmed life' as a new family...

The Wilson's said...

Happy 9 Months! It is so amazing how much changes in a month. I am glad to know that Chole still army crawls too. I am starting to wonder if Jackson will ever "crawl". I think he'll go straight from army crawling to walking. In the past week he has started to pull up on everything and walk behind his push toys! It is such a fun age!!!

Erica said...

She is so beautiful! My baby is about to be 6 months, it's so crazy how fast it goes by. And so very sad.

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

she is getting so big! and precious!

feetinmotion said...

AW so cute!! And she's growing up so fast!!

Lynnievan said...

A very beautiful post. My grandson is 3 months old and I know exactly what your talking about when you catch her watching you. I often see Atticus staring at his Mommy, totally unaware and totally in love with her. It's so beautiful it makes me catch my breath.

Jen said...

I can't believe she's got all those teeth! She's such a sweet girl! I love that Jane and Chloe are just a few weeks apart! But Jane's top two teeth are just through the gums now...

Congrats on 9 months! :)

prettyface said...

She is adorable!!!!!!!!!

Kristin said...

That swimsuit might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Ahhhhhh, I need a little girl. Little boy clothes aren't as much to buy. Ah ha ha

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