March 1, 2010

Q & A sesh

Hey friends,

I'm sure you're all captivated by "the most dramatic rose ceremony ever" right now (blah, blah, blah). Thought this would be the perfect time to sit and answer your great questions. And thanks for your super sweet comments - I'm honoured that you enjoy reading our blog! here we go:
-Alyssa asked: what do you like reading about on blogs? What makes you come back to the same blog again and again?
Well, I follow close to 300 blogs and I love every one of them because they truly bring a burst of inspiration into my daily life. I enjoy mom blogs for obvious reasons! I follow alot of health focused blogs on: running, raw & healthy food, and then there are several that I love due to the creativity & beautiful images they post every day.

- Care asked: how do you stay in shape? also, did you design your nursery? sorry if this has been posted before, but i love it! where do you get your design ideas from? I have always made health a priority but since having Chloe I have had to get pretty creative! I make a point of exercising every day - most days that means going down to my basement & riding the spin bike during her morning nap. I go the gym about 5 times/week to do either a yoga class, weight training or running. Proper nutrition is even more important though and I make sure that 90% of what I eat is clean, nutritious & mostly organic. Living this way truly gives me so much energy and even on the days that I don't get a good sleep (which are most!), I still take time to exercise because I feel more tired if I don't. Sorry for the long answer here but it is something I'm passionate about and would love to share more if you're interested - email me at angepeets at gmail dot com.
For the nursery - I knew that I wanted to keep it very natural & dreamy looking. The very first thing I purchased was the netting above her crib and that kind of set the tone. I spent alot of time online for inspiration - a few great sites to check out are kenziepoo & spearmint baby

Cassie asked: Do you color your hair or is it naturally that insanely beautiful blonde? Blonde hair is the end all, be all of perfection to me and I covet your gorgeous hair. Wow - seriously you are too kind!! I actually do color my own hair. My naturaly color is a dirty blonde and I use this great kit by Loreal called Colour Experte and the shade is Creme Brulee. It's amazing!!!

Angelene asked: Did you have a career before you became a Mom? Will you be going back to work or staying home? Yes - I did have a career before having Chloe. My last position was a retail district manager. I am enjoying this time at home with my husband & little girl so much (in Canada we have 1 year mat leave) that the thought of changing our lifestyle is terrifying... but all moms go through this! I do plan on going back to work but I'm also interested in pursuing my certifications in personal training & nutrition.

Francis asked: Congrats!! what are some of your favorite exercise routines to stay in shape? A typical week of workouts for me would look like this: 2 yoga classes, 3 days of weight lifting & cardio (running or spinning) 5 days/week. I get bored so quickly so when I do cardio I love to use that time to get through my growing stack of magazines and when I weight train I always do circuits which keep my heart rate up the whole time. I usually only have 30 minutes a day to workout so I make sure I work hard when I'm there!

House Appeal asked: Did you work out while you are pregnant? I just got the go-ahead from my doctor to start a few weeks ago (rough first trimester) and am looking for ideas on what to do. Yes I did! I think it's so important to keep moving throughout pregnancy and I found that swimming was a great way to continue right into the last weeks of my own pregnancy.

Jacqueline asked: What jogging stroller/s do you recommend? Which clean eating or other healthy recipe sites do you frequent? We have a Quinny Buzz stroller & I absolutely love it! It is so compact & light yet it has solid, rugged wheels and hydraulics that absorb the bumps. Here are a list of my fave healthy blogs:

Kate asked: Do you run in the winter? If so, how do you manage that with the terrible Ontario winters? Well I do run in the winter but of the treadmill variety! I just don't enjoy running in the cold...I actually don't enjoy anything in the cold and your question makes me wonder why I live here :)

Danielle asked: What is Chloe's middle name? Are you just taking the year off or are you SAH indefinitely? Chloe Grace. She was actually almost Grace as a first name but she is definitely Chloe now that we know her! (And I'm sure you'd agree with the name choice! )I'm taking the full year off and enjoying every bit of it! I do plan to go back to work.

Becca asked: Where did you get that cute bumbo seat cover? I love it! I bought it off Etsy from this seller!

Amy asked: Where do you buy Chloe's clothes from? She is always dressed so cute! Thank you! I buy most of her clothes from The Gap, Old Navy & Mexx (Cdn store)

Summer asked: do you take vitamins & supplements, and if so, what are they and why? I do take daily supplements as insurance for what I might not be getting in my diet. I take a mulit, fish oil caps & vitamin D. I also add chia seeds & fish oil to my daily protein shake because Omega 3's are so essential!

Well that was fun! Thanks for all the great questions!


Cassie said...

I keep finding people who are coloring their hair at home. I can't believe you can achieve such a beautiful blonde on your own. Again, I think it's beautiful and you do a wonderful job. I'm looking forward to looking at your health & fitness links too. Thanks for the information!

Meant to be a mom said...

Great answers, I love learning more things about my blog friends.

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

thanks for finding my and your baby are just beautiful :)

Francis said...

great answers! thanks for sharing the fitness info links!