July 4, 2010

Oh Sunday....

Can you even imagine that face greeting you at the door all the time! Seriously...too blessed over here!

That little girl & I spent the day doing lots of baking and cleaning, with a little stroller run this afternoon. It was so hot today but not the typical humid stuff. After the perfect afternoon that was had with a few of my girls yesterday, I decided today would be dedicated to baking and all things 101 Cookbooks. Sandra made this amazing Chocolate Rosemary Bread and I couldn't stop thinking about it or all the good catch-up time that we had while digging our forks into it. So in between baking, I uploaded a billion new recipes into my Plan to Eat site....check them out if you have a moment. I find Sunday to be the perfect day to prep the week and it makes Monday just a little more tolerable. I also love the mutlitaskedness (word?) that goes on a little something like this:
- Wake up at 530am to a beautiful serenade from the nursery.
- Soak nuts, chickpeas & black beans for this week's recipes
- Make a big pot of quinoa or brown rice
- Make monster Salad and cut up veggies for snacks or juicing
- Bake something healthy but delish
- Do not let the washer or dryer ever come to a stop
- Bask in the sight of your beautiful daughter throwing her lunch across the room and the jar of tomato sauce that you just dropped on your foot which somehow splattered from your kitchen to your white leather couch.
- Find yourself screaming at a slightly higher tone than your beautiful daughter because you want to remind her that you gave life to her....and then find her dismissing your scream by smiling & waving at you.
- Look at the clock & realize that it's only 9am.
- Look at the clock the next time & realize that it's 9pm and cross your fingers that somebody doesn't ask you what you did today because it's all a little foggy now.
I'm just thankful that this was one of those precious days that started out without anything on the agenda...

Okay...back to meal planning:
Here's a few of the recipes on our Veggie menu this week:

And lastly, a quick reminder that I will soon be taking this blog to a private setting but will be posting regularly on my new one Health & Swellbeing....I'd love for you to hop over & join me there!


Kris | iheartwellness.com said...

Hey doll!! What a beautiful way to be greeted! You are blessed :)

I loved reading this post, you just crack me up. I love that you are baking something healthy in your days ;) Mmmm all healthy treats are great!


ps. can't wait for the new blog!

Teri [a foodie stays fit] said...

Thanks for sharing the Plan to Eat website. I'd never heard of that before - I think it would be really handy. And I love that you post what's on your menu for the week. I struggle to fill our menu every week and I know it shouldn't be so difficult, but it is!

Loukia said...

So sweet! I love coming home from work to be greeted by my smiling little boys... melts the heart, huh? :)

Meant to be a mom said...

She is definitely a cutie. It sounds like you had a very good and busy morning. I love that you bake. Doesn't it make you so happy. And your so healthy about it too. It amazes me.

Ali - The Healthy Hostess said...

I just found your blog and I love it! I have a 2 1/2 month old daughter and look forward to following you!!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

hi pretty..just skimming your older posts and i hope you did make the veggie spring rolls and peanut sauce

thanks for your lovely comments the past week, on my posts, too :)