January 3, 2009

Bought my first item!

Well...I have finally branched out into this new world and bought my first baby sling. I found it on Etsy.com for a really great price!

I think this "hooter hider"might be my next purchase:

I'm feeling quite pregnant these days - I am sporting a small bump. Well - it's quite a big bump at the end of the day after all my eating!

I've gained about 2 lbs so far but feel much heavier. We have a doctor's appt next Monday the 12th and we'll be booking the date of our 20 week ultrasound at that appt. This is the BIG one where we find out girl or boy (check out our list to the right).I'm still up in the air on names, but it will be great to narrow the list down a little.

My thoughts on nursery decorating are causing me to waste quite a bit of time on the web searching for pics I like. Here's a few of them so far:

Just having alot of fun looking at all that's out there - it can be somewhat overwhelming though.
We ordered a doppler heart rate monitor on Ebay the other day so anxiously waiting for that to arrive. ..I'm becoming that crazy person. We'll be able to hear the baby's heart rate every day.

~Ange & babe.

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pritzkee said...

Okay - so, this post just confirmed how much I miss you - I LOVE LOVE the chandelier idea in the nursery and i voted on names as well....hmmm...hooter hider...that may be an idea whose time has not yet come.

Congrats again, my friend...