February 7, 2009

Club Pink!

Drumroll Please.....we're having a girl!!! The ultrasound shows that our lil girl is growing everything perfectly - we feel so blessed!! She's 6 inches long and is a real mover & shaker! I already feel different/more connected knowing that we're having a girl. I was a little thrown when I found out because I have felt like it was going to be a boy this whole time. Chris is so excited but is also already starting to talk about how he'll never let her leave the house.

Now the fun begins with shopping & decorating. I should've known it was going to be a girl when looking at all my nursery "insprirations" and how girl themed they were.

I've been feeling great lately and have been able to squeeze in more gym time, so I'm feeling more like myself....just more tired.

I'm excited about the new reno tax credit because we'd like to put hardwood flooring through most of the house as we prep for "Chloe". If you haven't heard about it yet - the gov't is offering a 15% tax credit on all home renos in 2009 up to a certain amount. I just love the way hardwood opens up the room.... 


elin said...

Congratulations on the girl! My husband and I find out on the 20th what we're having and it is sooo hard to wait! As you get items put away in your nursery you will need to post pictures!!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the little girl!! That's wonderful news! I think decorating for a girlie nursery would be so much fun ;-) You look great too BTW!