January 18, 2009

What - you're having 2 kids????

17 weeks....
So the last few weekends my little brother, Jeffrey, has been sleeping over. Chris has just so happened to work the last few, so Jeffrey likes to come over & be the man of the house when Chris is gone!
Last night we were looking at a baby name book and he yet again shared that he really really hopes I'm having a boy. I told him that I feel like I'm having a boy but we'll soon find out. Then I said, besides~if it's not a boy this time...then maybe it will be the next time cause we're planning on having 2 kids. He has the goofiest look on his face and says, "What - you didn't tell me you were having 2 kids. I need to know this cause I'm going to be the one babysitting them!"
It was classic Jeppy. He has always been the super planner - like, we have to rehearse what every minute of the day is going to look like, so I wasn't the least bit surprised by this!

I'm feeling pretty good - I can actually feel my stomach growing...it feels tight & itchy all the time so I keep trying to remember to drink lots of water & moisturize.

I'll leave you with a few more nursery pics I found this week during my hours of inspired but wasteful web surfing....A

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Danielle said...

You look adorable Ang. Isn't it so weird when you can feel your tummy growing, just wait till it's your hips spreading, that's the weirdest.