July 29, 2009

Chloe's Model Shoot

I say Model Shoot because Chloe was quite the diva this day. I really can't blame her though...we were afterall in the basement of Sears where the temperature was blazing hot. This was the classic first time parent mistake. I read that it was best to take newborn pics in the first 2 weeks because that way the baby won't move around as much.

Well...after a 45 minute fussy session & $250 later...I think we might just take our own from now on. I still haven't received all the pics and this has put off sending timely birth announcements - I'm not impressed at all with Sears.

Here's the pics I have received so far. Although Chloe was crying the whole time, we managed to get a few shots that resemble a calm baby!

1 comment:

kace said...

goodness she is precious! i know whst you mean about crying babies and modeling sessions ;) we had the same experience! the pics are beautiful though so you'd never know she was unhappy.