July 29, 2009

Chloe's 1st Month

Okay...so those that know me well, know that I'm frustrated with myself that this post is not occuring exactly on Chloe's 1 month date of July 19th. And that just about sums up the learning process I'm going through right now...learning to let go of the idea that all things in life work out with the right planning....right!!

You see, I have spent much time this last month trying to get Chloe onto a routine because about 5 different books have told me this is possible. Not with my little darling...she unfortunately has taken after me in not knowing when to just give it a rest and call it a day!
I am very happy though that she has started to figure out her own little routine and is now sleeping longer chunks at night. That is truly a gift.

To our little sweetie: Here is a summary of what we have learned about you in your first month....and of course many pictures to go along with it!

Chloe: 1st Month:

Weight: 9lbs 6oz!! (gained almost 3 lbs) Chubby Cheeker!!


- We must swaddle! Your flailing arms are sure to wake you up if we don't! you fight sleep to the bitter end and then crash.

- By about week 3 - you stopped sleeping most of the day and became very hard to put down after waking in the morning. For a whole week, you stayed awake from 7am until 1pm. After that, you are good about sleeping for 3hrs at a time.

- You sleep in our room in your bassinet. This was essential the first few weeks you were home because I could not get out of bed to pick you up due to my surgery. You are still sleeping in our room and I think we'll continue that until you're sleeping longer periods through the night...for now, you typically wake up every 2.5 hrs. I've started putting you in your crib for naps though and you don't like that!

- You don't fall asleep in the stroller like most babies do...you're too busy trying to see all that's going on around you. It was about week 3 that you started to really see everything & follow us with your eyes. I had to take a picture (below) of the 1 time you did fall asleep in your stroller - momentous!


- You love to eat and grunt like a little piggy! I feed you every 3 hrs and you only take one side at a time because Mama has alot of milk! We were shocked to learn that you had already gained 2lbs in 2 weeks as I was worried you weren't getting enough! I also learned that I cannot go 5hrs on 1 side without feeding...and have started to pump alot more. In the beginning, I made the mistake of feeding you every time you cried or were suckling...then I discovered the greatest invention ever - the soother. No problems there.

- Must burp in between feedings!! You seem to have a bit of a gas problem my dear and spend 22 out of 24 hrs a day trying to pass it. We have tried many things to help you through this struggle: massage, different burp techniques, gripe water. Finally we visited the Dr. about it and he just suggested Ovol drops & they seem to be working. It's nice when visitors come over to hold you because somedays that's all it takes to calm you down. Here you are with Mimi and looking pretttty content!

- We took you for newborn pics at 2 weeks old...that is another post altogether!

-Your eyes are still a beautiful blue and your hair has a bit of strawberry in the blonde...just like your Mama when I was a baby!

- You are so strong! Daddy loves to show off your calf muscles - like tennis balls in there!

- We began tummy time at week 3 and you do so well! Such a strong girl!

- Daddy loves to spend alone time with you each day - going for walks or just hanging out. You take bottles very easily for him and this is nice for Mommy because I can get out to buy you cute outfits every day!

- We try to take you out somewhere each day - we've gone for walks in Port, out for coffee, lunch & dinner.- You seemed to go through a growth spurt at week 4 - eating every 2 hrs and not sleeping very well. I can't believe how quickly you're growing!

- You and I sleep over at Grandma's house 2x/week when Daddy is working his 24 hr shifts. We have nice dinners, rent movies and love sleeping in Uncle Jeppy's room.

- You have already received your Birth Cert, Health Card, SIN # & Passport...aka we are all set to vacay in Florida for the winter! Look...your first piece of mail!

This month has been such a blur and has gone by so fast! After spending countless hrs Googling every little thing you do...I am more confident & peaceful about being your mom.

I met a 9 month old last week and it made me little sad to think that you are going to grow up so fast. I am so blessed to be able to have this time with you and to see firsthand the changes you are going through every day! I've had a few tough days & nights with you and a few cries with you as I try to figure out your needs.

I love you baby and enjoy seeing firsthand the changes you are going through each day!!


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