August 20, 2009

Guess who's 2 months old...

2 Months Old & 10lbs 14oz
Well this has been a really big month of firsts....first smiles, first roll over, first teeth, first long stretch of sleep at night, first green poop (sorry - had to throw that in there). I think the best way to sum up this month is Chloe is now starting to look and act like a little girl and less like a newborn.
Here's what we've learned about you little peanut:
- we can tell that you know us now...your eyes follow us around everytime we move and you respond to our voice.
- You are so active & alert and by the looks of things you will be doing everything early! I used to have these crazy dreams when I was pregnant that I gave birth and then the next day you were walking and it made me so sad to see you growing up so fast...and now I'm afraid that is my reality!
- Your happiest time is in the morning right after I feed you. That is when you really pump out the smiles & flirt a bit. Your grumpiest time is usually between 9a-11am because you continue to fight sleep!
- You have started sleeping longer blocks at night and actually gave me 5 hrs of straight sleep last night...thank you so much...seriously!
- You are so great night and go to bed around 830pm while watching your image projector When you wake up to feed you fall right back asleep. I have gotten really good at falling back into a deep sleep after too! You also do all your sleeping in your crib now...except for your 4am feeding when I bring you into our bed because I miss you so much by then!
- You love playing "handsies" and love to stretch out your muscles.
- My favourite time of day is in the late afternoon when we spend a few hours on the bed listening to music & just hanging out. You will often just lay there smiling and staring at me and it's the best!

Here's a few pics from the last month:
First time in the Bumbo...and loving it!

Afternoon hang time...

Hang time with LOVE your daddy!

At Papa's 65th Bday party in look like you're pinning him!

Playtime...look at you looking at yourself in the mirror!

Can't wait to see what the next month brings! But walking kay?


Brenda said...

She's adorable. What a beautiful family.

elin said...

Is that a cover for the Bumbo or did you buy it in a print? I LOVE it!!! And I'm glad to hear that my daughter isn't the only one that by is teething this early :)

Ange said...

Yes - it's a bumbo cover! I purchased it off etsy and you can find the seller easily by just searching bumbo cover!