September 19, 2009

Chloe's 3 Months old today!!

Month 3: 14lbs 4oz

To our little sweetheart:
As I type this, you are sleeping peacefully in your nursery...something you do perfectly every night starting at 8pm. This has been the best month!! You have gone through so many changes - you've had your first shots, had your tongue tie clipped, and have begun teething, but despite all of that you have become such a happy baby!! Although it's hard to believe that you are 3 months old already, in many ways I feel like time is going nice & slow and we're enjoying every moment with you!
Here is what we have learned about you this month:
- You love to play & smile! I will often catch you staring at me and the minute we lock eyes, you just light up. Often when you're done feeding you'll just stick your tongue out and make lots of noises waiting for me to notice and then you'll flash a beautiful smile!!
- You discovered that you have 2 hands with 10 fingers this month and have decided that these should be in your mouth at all times. Sometimes you even choke yourself on your fingers so you need to be careful!
- You are a little chatter box. We have many conversations with you throughout the day - and although most of your words sound like "agoo", I know what you're trying to say.
- You are spending alot more awake time now throughout the day and are so curious about your surroundings. You aren't quite able to grab things but I know that's right around the corner.
- When you're excited - you start kicking your arms & legs out like crazy...I'm worried you might be burning a few too many calories!!
- We have established such a nice daily routine with you. Daddy leaves each morning at 5am to go the gym and have his own time. While he's gone, we wake up & I feed you & play with you and get you nice & tired for your morning nap. Then daddy watches you while I go to the gym to build my muscles up so I can carry you around the rest of the day....and let me tell you - you are no lightweight!! We take you out every afternoon to visit friends, shop or go for coffee. I love being home with you & I cherish every moment I get to spend with you.

The princess after her bath:

Doing superman pose at yoga class:

Tummy time....and being a bit lazy!

More bath time smiles!

Hanging out with uncle Jeppy

You love your swing now!

Having dinner at the Keg:

Can't quite keep the soother in but you love your fingers!!

Cuddle time with Grandma


Paige said...

Happy 3 months pretty girl!!

skirtrunr said...

Such a sweet post :)

Lyr said...

This was beautiful! I so miss these moments with my little guys. Oh no, does that mean I want another one?!? Thanks for the update, she is beautiful!

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

She is so adorable! I never tire of looking at these pictures!

Kelly said...

She is so adorable! Such cute pictures!!!

Jennifer said...

Happy 3 months!! She is absolutely beautiful! I am going through the same milestones with the boys -- it's incredible, isn't it!?

New Mommy!!! said...

Found your blog. I have the same screen currently! Ha! Congrats on your beautiful family. Happy Three Month Chloe! PS. Almost bought that princess hoodie, hubby put me on a budget though. I love Mud Pie. Adorable and fairly well priced!

Lesley said...

ahhhh she is precious....adorable...Happy 3 should come over and enter my giveaway for the laundry monster burp cloth...I think you'd really like it!

prashant said...

Oh no, does that mean I want another one?!? Thanks for the update, she is beautiful! Web hosting india