September 25, 2009

Run a 5K race...check!

I've been wanting to enter a race for a long time so I decided to pick one that would give me enough time to heal from my Csection but would allow me enough time to train for. After I received the go ahead to begin exercising at my 6-week followup appt, I couldn't wait to get moving again! I went for a 20 min run the next day and felt a little sore in the legs but that's to be expected. I then started running 3x/week and added in yoga & weight training. I have honestly never felt better in my life...I have a whole new respect for what our bodies can handle after having Chloe and I feel like my health played a huge role in my recovery. I am very lucky that Chris has such a great work schedule and is home 5 days/wk so I am able to have my gym time most mornings. It definitely helps clear my head and gives me the energy to get through the day.
Back to the race....Chris & I both ran it on Sept 20th and finished the 5k at 29:04. It was a beautiful fall day and my mom watched Chloe for the morning. It was so great to do it together & I'm already looking forward to the next one!


New Mommy!!! said...

Congrats! I think that's great! My sister-in-law is a marathon runner, I think it's great! Me, I don't have the stamina, but love to run! I used to jog. As soon as I found out for def I was preggers I was terrified to do more than walk!!! I haven't got back up to a run yet. Just walking a lot. I am looking for a used jogging stroller to motivate me. I never want to use the time away from my pumkin to run--this way we don't have to leave each other and we both get to enjoy the outdoors! Thanks for joining. I'm a newbie, and I welcome the LOVE.:)

I Love Brownies said...

Good for you!! I had C-sections and was at the mall within a week - baby in tow!
Just found your blog..your pictures are SO CUTE!