October 1, 2009

Grape & Wine Parade

Last weekend, we took Chloe to her first Grape & Wine Parade. For those that aren't familiar...the Grape & Wine Festival is easily the biggest annual event in St. Catharines and people travel from all over to be a part of it. Not to mention it marks the 1 night each year that Chris gets together with all his dudes and goes MIA for the day...and most of the night!
And I of course had lots of fun buying Chloe a grape hat & onesie off of Etsy!

It was the perfect, crisp fall afternoon and Chloe has just woken up from a nap. She was good the whole hour we were outside but seemed to be a bit awestruck by all the floats & commotion...check out the face:

I can't believe how big she's getting. Good things she's just so scrumptious, otherwise I might have paid too much attention to the lack of feeling in my arm by carrying her for the duration of the parade!


Jen said...

Hey Ange,

What a sweetie little Chloe is! To answer your question re: jolly jumper. The recommended age is 3mths + so we've had her in it since then, about a month. She loves it - but she just started really jumping vs. standing and kicking over the last week or two!

Jen :)

New Mommy!!! said...

Love the grape outfit! Looks like lots of fun! Beautiful pic of you and Chloe!