February 7, 2010

Simply Swell

01 freshly painted nails
02 tea & dessert with friends
03 a fridge full of healthy eats
04 a whole day spent at home
05 tahini chip cookies
06 a well planned feb calendar
07 green hunter welly boots
08 stairmonster & recycled magazines
09 another tooth for Chloe
10 mr swell walking through the door with starbucks
...just a few of my favourite things from this week.


Jennifer said...

Definitely sounds like a swell week :)

Lauren said...

Presh pix! A baby + a cupcake sign = love! :)

Lauren said...

So glad you visited my blog! About the leopard carpet...I noticed in magazine pix, etc. and was in love! Last year we updated many rooms, and I found this carpet at our local carpet store. We put in in my husband's office (black walls) and up the stairs and down the hallway. I love it! We have 3 children, 2 kitties and a Greyhound, and this carpet is the BEST! Whenever I walk out into my hallway, I feel like I'm in a hotel! Very fun! :)

Carolyn, Mike, Portia and Addie said...

That sounds like a swell week to me! Especially the tooth breaking through. Yay for teeth!

she is so cute!