April 30, 2010

10K Spins

Today was such a beauty and I couldn't help but wonder why my race couldn't have been today instead of Sunday...otherwise known as 90% chance of rain day.
But never fear...the gear is packed and the playlist is made. All will be okay. And yes - my playlist is exactly the length of time I expect to finish 10k in with a very specific last song that Chloe & I can be found dancing too on certain afternoons.

Think of me at 853am this Sunday, as I cross the finish with the other 15000 crazy people. And you can probably expect a post on recovering from a run sometime next week. Oh...and Chloe's 10 month post 2 weeks late...cause it's been that kind of a week.
Hope your weekend has a bit of sun or some really cute wellies!

Q: what's your go to song when you need to get your move on?


D said...

"Fighter" by Christina Aguilera. You just can't be a weenie if that song is playing! :)

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Great list-- Love that last song--
Have a great day!


Angelene said...

"Let's get loud" by J.Lo has been on replay the last few weeks as a good pick me up song.