May 12, 2010

10 Months Old

{Please note that this post is over 3 weeks old - I forgot to post at the time!}
My darling 10 month old:
Wow this month has been another full one! Full of new tricks & teeth & toys! I can hardly sit down to write about the new thing you've just done before you show us another trick. You have taught me an important lesson this never give up. I don't know why it is, that as we grow up, we stop trying to reach our goals and give up so easily. I watch you as you try so desperately to pull yourself up to stand, or crawl on your knees or feed yourself...and you never give up! Your daddy & I often talk about how it seems sometimes that you have life more figured out than the rest of us & it shows through your confident smiles & your soulful eyes. Here's what you've accomplished this month sweet baby girl....

We just love the little personality that you're developing - you are so fun & interactive! You love to impress people with your tongue smacking & lip flicking....they are like buttah in your hands.

You have been so determined to crawl on all fours and have managed to get up a few times:
We find you in the silliest spots:
You love story telling time:
and playing with uncle Jeffrey:
and Maya:
but your all-time fave is swimming with Daddy:
You rarely turn your nose at a new food and are still nursing 4x/day. Breakfast is usually avocado, oats & apples; lunch is brown rice, beans, fruit & toast; supper is quinoa, chickpeas, veggies & cheese. We are a bunch of crazy people going to extreme lengths to distract you while we sneak bites of food in your mouth.
You gobble up bread like our little birdie...
You now have 8 teeth now and seem to be cutting your molars already. And tomorrow we go to the DMV to get your license.

We really don't remember life before you! Although, I think your dad can vaguely remember sleeping on a mattress on the floor with a bag of Doritos in hand during his university days but I'm sure he'll expand on that story with you some day.

We love you to pieces!


Brenda said...

Very sweet words. WOW 10 months already. I have been following you for almost that long. It's time to start planning that special day. Might I add that I hope she keeps up with the amazing appetite. My daughters are getting pickier and pickier and I try so hard to feed them healthier versions of old family faves.

Ashley said...

Happy (belated) 10 months to Chloe! She is super cute. I love the swimming pics!

Meant to be a mom said...

So sweet! Happy 10 months to your little miss. She is seriously such a cutie. Isn't it amazing watching them grow so fast before our eyes.

I absolutely love the zebra rug you have in one of your pictures.

Kris | said...

What sweet pictures of Chloe! I love little ones at this age when they are discovering and learning, it must be so amazing as a mom to watch her?

I love reading your posts!

How did your cleans go with no coffee?


terrid614 said...

awww your little gal is just adorable! very sweet pics also!

Angelene said...

Very sweet pictures of your little one! Happy 10 months. Our Abby is nine months now. I read about Chloe's meals and I was wondering if you'd do a more in depth post about her meals. How do you prepare her chickpeas / beans etc etc? I'd love some ideas! Abby is also a good eater, but we seem to be stuck on purees still.