May 21, 2010

Weekly Eats & Organizing

Today is totally gorge out and the rest of the week is looking like total perfection. I think we'll be doing a little grillin every night & I can't wait. We spent all of yesterday outside - powerwashing the deck & patio cushions, getting the veggie garden done & just some overall sprucing.

Here's our menu for this week with links to the recipes if you'd like to give them a try:
M Veggie Nachos & Chunky Guac (perfect while watching Valentines Day)
W Veggie Chili & WW Cornbread
F Tofu Parm & Angel Hair
*Visit Org Junkie for more recipes*

And while you're in the organizing spirit, check out this great little article on how the perfect mom stays organized. There's a few good tips in there and a sprinkling of that totally unachievable feeling :)

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Jacqueline and Andy said...

Oh!!! A REAL garden!? I'm so jealous ;)